rotorua's design agency

Redwoods Treewalk

The Client

World renown tourist attraction in the Redwoods, Rotorua, New Zealand

Our Responsibilities

Full branding and marketing collateral.

The Components

• Logo design and application
• Directional signage
• Brochures and Fliers
• Ticket Design
Rewoods Treewalk Logo Full.svg
Nighlights Logo Full.svg
Altitude Logo Full.svg


Stationery - Business Cards

redwoods-treewalk 5 panel DLE.jpg

Expo Brochure - 5 panel folding to DLE


Photo Album - Limited Edition, Case Bound with Gold Foil


Tickets - Numbered and perforated

treewalks advert.jpg

Ad Campaign - Digital and Printed

Treewalks map.jpg

Course Map - Hand painted

treewalks Code of conduct.jpg

Multi-lingual Info Sheets

redwoods Ute 2018.jpg

Vehicle Signage - Full vinyl wrap

Ticketing booth.jpg

Pricing Signage - ACM panels attached to ticket kiosk

Treewalks Shrouds signage.jpg

Infographics Panels - ACM panelled doors hinge closed to protect 2000yo tree ring

redwoods printed plywood.jpg

Course Map - Printed on plywood with LED illumination