rotorua's design agency

Rotorua Lakes Council

The Client

Rotorua Lakes Council 

Our Responsibilities

Interior graphic design for the refurbishment of the council building with appearance grade plywood 

The Elements

• Interior design concept (in conjunction with RLC)
• Illustration
• Door handle design
• Design and panel production management

Drawing process.jpg

Illustration - 100+ Line Drawings

router cut panels.jpg

Installed Panels - with router-cut Manaia

Kitchen panels.jpg

printed panels.jpg

Installed Panels - with NZ Pine and Fire Rated Sealant

Door signs.jpg

Amenity Signs

RLC door handles.jpg

Laser Engraved Aluminium Push Handles

Stage 2 RLC wall.jpg

Plywood Printed Panels

Stage 2 RLC wall graphics.jpg

Digitally printed Window Vinyl

Stage 2 RLC wall graphics 2.jpg