rotorua's design agency

Rotorua Top 10 Holiday Park

The Top 10 Holiday Park were looking for a decorative yet informative entranceway. So we create panels with Maori legends as well as a functioning, revolving compass pointing visitors to areas of interest.

top-10-holiday-park_tuktuku posts.jpg

Bespoke - Decorative totems

top-10-holiday-park_open shot compass.jpg

Bespoke - Rotating compass with areas of interest

top-10-holiday-park_compass closeup.jpg

Bespoke - Rotating compass with areas of interest

top-10-holiday-park_hinemoa story.jpg

Bespoke - Stories on Printed Plywood

top-10-holiday-park_window panel.jpg

Bespoke - Story on window frosting

top-10-holiday-park_counter panels.jpg

Bespoke - Native birds on printed plywood

10 holiday park logo signage.jpg

Signage - Plywood tinted cut lettering